One-off House, Blaby, Leicestershire

Year: 2008 – 2011

Status: completed

Project Type: Full Architectural Service – Site redevelopment

Cost: undisclosed

A new build residential house for a young family on an extensive site previously occupied by a bungalow. Utilisation of outstanding open countryside views carries a significant weight towards the design of the new dwelling. The layout design of the main building is dictated by the building line of the adjacent semi-detached properties, the entrance approach and the line of the village envelope. This consolidates the existing and creates a termination to the building line, resulting with an unorthodox building shape. The internal layout is aimed to provide every habitable room with views towards the scenic countryside to the easterly and the southerly directions with a grand central entrance hall that address the approach to the proposed dwelling.The external walls to the dwelling are constructed in facing rustic red bricks. Creating a focal point to the structure, the entrance hall section of the proposed building will be constructed in timber frame lime render infill in a mock Tudor style. This timber construction detailing is echoed once again on the master bedroom balcony section.

All four bedrooms on the first floor have en-suite facilities. There are two further out-buildings within this development – detached double garage and a leisure complex.

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